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Who is DAS Boarding for?

Our vision is to provide a boutique boarding program that makes the unique and innovative learning environment of Dar Essalam American School available to motivated students from outside of Rabat and around Africa. By boarding with us, you step deeper into a fully immersive, holistic educational experience with like-minded peers from all over the world.

Dar Essalam American School’s Boarding Program will open in January 2024, and is now accepting applications for those students aged 12 and above, from grades 7 to 10.

Life on Campus

Student rooms are large and comfortable. Amenities in the dorms include our “Atelier” media lab,  two quiet and spacious study areas, plus a common area, reception and outdoor patio for socializing and hanging out with friends. The dorms benefit from a fully-equipped kitchen based on our own Life Xperience model. Students are provided with breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as healthy snack options, all planned by a nutritionist.

The dorms include an in-house nurse and dedicated infirmary, as well as a state-of-the-art security system with CCTV and floor-specific swipe-card access. Boarding staff live on-site full time to provide regular and reliable mentorship, guidance and supervision to students.

At Dar Essalam American School, we know that learning also takes place outside the classroom. Boarding students have access to a wide range of academic, athletic, and artistic opportunities seven days a week, under the guidance and care of our qualified boarding staff and expert teachers.

In support of student learning at other campus facilities like the BlackBox Theater and MakerSpace, our dormitory hosts the “Atelier” media lab, equipped with state-of-the-art digital design and video production equipment, in an environment built for collaborative, project-based learning.

Like Morocco, DAS welcomes students from all countries, backgrounds and beliefs to study, live, and grow in our community. While English is our primary language of instruction, both Arabic and French are important languages for our students to study and practice on a daily basis.

To support this, boarding staff model and actively encourage students to use and develop these languages throughout daily life in the dorms. We also welcome and encourage the inclusive use of other languages.

Our core values – Collaboration, Caring, Critical Thinking, Creativity and Communication – form the basis of everything we do in boarding.

We mentor our students to learn and collaborate autonomously, and so continue building the best versions of themselves and their community.

The Boarding Advantage

Boarding with us means a unique opportunity to take project-based learning outside campus and into the vibrant, cosmopolitan capital of Morocco. Through the Cultural and Entrepreneurial Path program, students will explore Rabat, building connections and community along the way, while taking advantage of everything our beautiful coastal landscape has to offer.

Our goal is to graduate active citizens who know how to connect, collaborate, and get things done. As future leaders and stewards tasked with building a more peaceful and sustainable world, our boarding students receive guidance, mentorship and practice on how to best serve their community.

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