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Dar Essalam is a new international school in Rabat, Morocco, with an exclusive approach to global education, built on five hectares in the centrally-located Hay Riad neighbourhood. Education Development Company (EDC), the leading education provider in Morocco, has expanded their expertise in school systems by creating this one-of-a-kind program.
If you are looking for a school that:

  • Offers a unique blend of two of the most effective systems in the world, the Finnish and the American models of learning;
  • Promotes innovation, collaboration, community, and diversity;

  • Uses project-based learning as a pedagogical foundation;
  • Values language instruction to a highly-rigorous level of fluency and comprehension as a tool for global communication;
  • Explores the rich culture and history of Morocco through authentic, real-world experiences.
Then Dar Essalam American School is your best choice!

What We Stand For

American curriculum

Our Mission Statement
Dar Essalam American School is an inclusive learning community founded on the pillars of Finnish pedagogy, American curriculum, and Moroccan values and culture, bridging the future of young minds to global thinking and innovation.

Our Vision Statement
Our vision is to prepare and motivate our students by instilling in them critical thinking skills, respectful collaboration, and a desire to pursue our core values of creativity and caring for the people and the world around them.

Our Values
The 5Cs are critical values that are interconnected with our instructional objectives and help form our transdisciplinary curriculum. From our youngest learners to those pursuing the International Baccalaureate at the highest level, we are bringing together the values of Critical Thinking, Caring, Collaboration, Creativity, and Communication. Learning experiences will touch each of these skills areas, preparing students for the needs in our 21st century world.

School Open House - June 18, 2022

Watch video highlights of our most recent campus event, where we introduced some of our international teachers and partners. 

Welcome Message from the Head of School

What We Teach

Dar Essalam American School will welcome students from Pre-K (age 4) through Grade 12 to an English-medium, american standards-based program, enriched with high-quality French and Arabic instruction. The instructional continuum begins with a holistic approach to learning, based on Finnish pedagogy in the primary years, transitioning to project-based, experiential learning in the middle years. Our high school program of study exposes students to rigorous, college preparatory courses with an opportunity for students to be challenged by the unique academic content of the American high school diploma or the International Baccalaureate Diploma, both of which connect directly to our 5Cs. At every level of instruction, Dar Essalam American School provides a comprehensive counseling and student support program, which allows for all students to learn through a variety of modalities.

Learning at Dar Essalam American School promotes students' skills in:
  • Creative and critical thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Understanding different viewpoints
  • Ethical decision-making
  • Proactive and interactive goal-setting

A Leading Edge Educational Experience

Where We Learn

Created by the world-renowned American architectural firm, FXCollaborative, in partnership with Omar Alaoui, Morocco’s preeminent architect, the school is designed with modular and agile spaces to offer total flexibility for learning activities. State-of-the-art spaces include the Black Box Theater, where students will have the freedom to explore traditional and alternative performance techniques, express their art in different forms, and organize events; and the Makerspace, a universe dedicated to design, exploration, and experimentation, where learners will familiarize themselves with the latest technology equipment.

These specially designed environments for learning and growth provide a link between instruction and interests. Activities will be offered and promoted in the areas of athletics, visual arts, music, and theater. Students will also be encouraged to pursue new avenues such as community outreach services, student leadership, and mentoring. The intersection of curricular and co-curricular activities will be a central part of the extended community at Dar Essalam.

Application Procedures

In order to submit an application for our school, please:

  • Go to EDUKA (click « Apply on Eduka » below), our online application platform, which will allow you to both enroll your children and check their tuition fees/make payments;
  • After completing and submitting the form, you will receive an automated confirmation acknowledging your request.

The admissions department will review your pre-application information, after which you will receive an email instructing how to move forward with the application.

This second step consists of filling in the information needed to complete your application. To do so, please complete the password retrieval steps and connect to EDUKA. Here you will share all the necessary information on the various tabs of the application form and upload the requested documents.
Once all documents have been uploaded, you can click on the «send file» tab to confirm your application submission.


  • A recent photo of the applicant
  • A copy of the applicant’s passport or birth certificate
  • A copy of the passport or identity card of both parents or legal guardians
  • A copy of the passport and Moroccan visa for expatriates
  • A health form fully completed either by the parent/guardian or a doctor
  • A copy of current school report cards for the last two (2) years. Only Grade 1 applicants can provide one year of a school report instead of two. For PreK4 and Kindergarten applicants, a summary of their schooling or activities done previously or currently can be submitted. All transcripts must be translated into English.
  • A teacher recommendation form to be completed by a teacher designated by the parent. This document will remain strictly confidential and is intended for students in Grade 1 and above.


You may attach to the file any other document that you deem to be useful such as:

  • Report from any English language courses
  • Report from any therapeutic services such as occupational therapy, speech therapy, applied behavioral therapy, etc.
  • Report from any psycho-educational or neuro-psychological evaluation.

Please kindly note that all supporting documents must be uploaded into the student’s application file before the latter can be processed. If you are having trouble with this process, please send your documents to our admissions department email and we will do our best to assist you.

Admissions terms and conditions

The application fee is 3,000 MAD. You can make the payment by debit card directly on the school’s online admissions platform, Eduka.

Once the file has been duly completed and the application fee has been paid, you will receive an email invitation from our admissions office indicating the time and date for your appointment.

After evaluation, the admissions office will contact you by email to inform you of the application decision made by the school’s admissions committee.

When your child is accepted into our school, you must sign the financial agreement as well as pay the one-time registration fee and the 10% deposit on the tuition fee for the 2022/2023 school year. Final confirmation of your child’s enrollment is only guaranteed after payment of the registration fee and the signing of the financial agreement.

Our Partners

In collaboration with prestigious education organizations International Schools Services (ISS) of Princeton, NJ and Lumo Education of Finland, Dar Essalam American School is fusing together two complementary models of instruction with a progressive character that focus on the individual child. Central to both philosophies is the principle that each child’s potential should be maximized and therefore, have support through counseling, individualized support when needed, and opportunities to learn through play and exploration. Together with our partners ISS and Lumo, Dar Essalam American School will instill in every child the desire and the drive to become lifelong learners.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the school hours for a typical day? + x
We look forward to seeing excited faces joining us at school for an 8:00 am start. The day will go straight through to 3:30 pm, with the option of after-school support or co-curricular activities from 3:45 to 4:45 pm. During the school day, students will have time for lunch, recess, and movement breaks.

How do I enroll my child at Dar Essalam American School? + x
You have come to the right place! Click on APPLICATION PROCEDURES for more information.

What type of test is used for admission? + x
We will use a variety of assessments to find out your child's readiness level for their prospective grade level. We use observations, interviews, scales, and other formal and informal assessments of reading, writing, and math knowledge. All of these data sources together make up your child's admission profile for us to review.

Which nationalities can enroll? + x
Dar Essalam American School strives to be a multicultural, international community of learners. All nationalities are welcome to apply. Please make sure your residency status in Morocco is updated and legal.

What does the Finnish-American program consist of? + x
This program is made through a synergistic collaboration of two world-class organizations. The students will experience English as their language of core instruction, French and Arabic language classes, and learner-centered academic and co-curricular activities with the focus on developing 21st-century skills. The unique features are individualized learning paths for our youngest learners, a model of innovation and practicality for global endeavors that include the skills for growing a child holistically.

What measures are being taken related to the pandemic? + x
The safety and security of your children and our staff are a priority when it comes to the Coronavirus and its implications for school. We will be sanitizing and mask wearing, as is required currently by the Moroccan government. In addition, we will be monitoring the news for updated recommendations regarding keeping students and staff safe. Once we have any new recommendations or changes to our protocol, you will be notified via the website and the parent portal.

Meet Our Teachers

Our teaching staff this first year is made up of teachers with extensive international experience. We have gathered a strong group of educators from the UK, Australia, the US and Finland, who are ready to do their finest work here in Morocco.

We have recruited all of the overseas instructional staff for grades PreK4 to 9th with, on average, over 16 years of teaching experience.

We are pleased to introduce you to some of the newly hired teachers, who bring expertise and warmth to our school.

Join Us


Dar Essalam is a one-of-a-kind school, taking an innovative learning pedagogy from the halls of Finnish educational excellence, mixing it with Moroccan cultural experiences and outdoor opportunities, all linked together using the framework of an American-International curriculum. We are student-centered in our focus, project-based in our approach, and social-emotionally driven in our commitment to the whole child. In this digital age, our students are and will continue to be innovators and creators of new methods of outreach, communication, and collaboration. As their teachers, we hope you are also forward-thinking and inspired to teach and learn new ways of engaging students and families. The bottom line is that you are part of what makes us unique and with that diversity of staff, we will have a true “family of teachers and learners” in our new school. Click here to join our team.

Compensation and Benefits The salary and benefits are competitive and will depend on the qualifications and experience of the successful candidate. For expatriate international hires, benefits include comprehensive medical insurance (health and dental), retirement compensation, furnished housing, settling in allowance, visa procurement process and expenses, shipping allowance, travel benefits, and school tuition for a child enrolled in Dar Essalam American School.

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Location Rue Haj Mohamed Bahraoui - Rabat

Phone+212 608 12 12 12

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